Family Tradition

Our Founder: Oneal Russell Sr. Circa 1930

The Russell Family roots in Annapolis run deep. The family has lived and worked here since the 1700’s. While part of this time found family members working as Watermen, recent history has established the Family in the maintenance of Annapolitans health. The Russell’s beginnings in health care can be traced to Dr. John T. Russell who after finishing medical school in 1909 came back to his home in Eastport to treat patients and make house calls as one of only four physicians in the area and later served on the first staff of Anne Arundel Medical Center. His two sons, Carl P. Russell and my grandfather, Oneal F. Russell Sr. both attended the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery and graduated in 1927 and 1934, respectively.

Both of their sons, John Russell and my father, Oneal F. Russell, Jr. followed in the footsteps of their fathers and also attended Dental School graduating in 1968 and 1975, respectively. With a desire to continue the family tradition I graduated from University of Maryland Dental School in 2006 and then completed a residency at the Baltimore V.A. Hospital where I served as Chief Resident before returning to Annapolis. It gives me a great sense of pride to continue to serve Annapolitans and I look forward to welcoming you into our Family practice.

Dr. Oneal F. Russell, III A Letter from Oneal Russell, Jr., DDS

A Letter from Oneal Russell, Jr., DDS 

Thank you, Patients

After 41 years of Dental practice, I have retired.  My son took over my practice seven years ago and I have had a diminished role since then. Now is the time to remove myself totally from the practice as age and physical ailments take their toll. I know it is time for me to let my son have his practice without me.

I greet this new phase of life with mixed feelings but not without appreciation for all those who allowed me to be their Dentist. Many of my patients have become close friends. Many children in the office who I watched become adults have children of their own who have also become patients. The Russell Family has had a proud record of healthcare to Annapolis residents since the early 1900's. Some of my patient base was delivered by my physician Grandfather, saw either my Father, Uncle, or Cousin as their Dentist  before me, and now see my son. Four generations of medical or dental providers.

I want to thank all of you who have given me the privilege of serving you over these 41 years. It has been my honor. Thank you.

Oneal Russell, Jr.,DDS


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